Well hello internet world! Little about myself, Logan is an online alias that I have used for years in order to defer those in my life from seeing what I write. So hello, my name is Logan and I am a Social Worker. Currently Logan, BSW but will soon be Logan, MSW in about a year which I am literally counting down the days…366 days to be exact.

What had made me decide to write again, is my realization of being a retail worker once I’m done being a Social Worker. Retail isn’t for everyone and 4 years ago I didn’t think I’d still be a part of it. But here I am! In all it’s yelling, negative, unhappy glory. I realize that maybe someone else is going through something similar to me. Ya know…working your hardest so you can live through school? My days usually start out being a Clinical Social Worker at my internship and then transition right into the retail world with teenagers in high school and those over the age of 18 who have struggled to figure life out to the extent that they would like.

I have found myself struggling with the idea that I am using my time before being a retail worker helping people better their lives. I’m creating treatment plans, doing assessments and therapy,  and even helping people get out of their contemplation of suicide. Then, a little while later, I find myself at my retail job dealing with unhappy adults with the already low pricing of clothing items. What a clash it really is between a basic retail profession and one of a Clinical Social Worker.

So, if you’re a little like me, struggling through your 20’s or this thing we call life, Welcome! I hope this can be a place where we laugh, we cry, and we get through tough times together. It might be a little much to ask for a post every day, but hey, school is done this week and I’ll continue through the summer as someone struggling to be a retail worker, an administration worker, and a Clinical Social Worker. So cheers to struggling through my summer! Hopefully you’ll stick around for the ride 🙂



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